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Radiographic testing (RT) is widely used to detect the discontinuities in materials and welds. This method is most sensitive to volumetric discontinuities. It is currently used as one of the main NDT methods to provide QAQC reliability for new fabrications in oil & gas, power generation, chemical and ship building industries.

Our radiographic interpreters are experienced, well trained and qualified in accordance with worldwide recognized standards such as PCN, CSWIP, ASNT and SNT-TC-1A for different categories of weld materials. The inspreters are familiar with the standards applied for fabrication and inservice inspection of Jacket platforms, topside structures, piping systems and pressure vessels.

All our radiographers are trained and licensed by local governmental authorities for undertaking radiation works.
Periodical internal training in radiation safety and dummy runs in radiation emergency which are being undertaking has resulted in a noted zero accidents, well protection of public community and environment from radiation hazards in our past ten years of operations.


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