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   In the renewable energy industry - especially solar energy plays an important role in meeting the growing global demand for electric power. Solar power plants are a symbol of clean energy generation. For optimum efficiency as well as the calculated plant life, solar panels must be clean. Long-term dirt due to environmental influences such as dust, pollen, or the smallest pollution caused by bird droppings, moss, lichens, etc. reduce plant performance and efficiency.

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   However, it is not only financial loss that is cause for concern! Dirt can attack the coating of the PIN plate, resulting in staining of the glass surface that cannot be directly exposed to sunlight, and reduce performance. The task of cleaning the surface of the solar battery glass panel is an essential task to perform because when the PIN plate is dusty, it will reduce the efficiency of the ability to generate electricity. Therefore, the cleaning of the surface of PIN glass panels has increased and is becoming complex technical challenges, thus requiring new technologies to be applied to the cleaning process.

In fact, there are many different cleaning methods, from traditional to modern. Here are some measures and advantages and disadvantages as follows:

1. Solution for cleaning panels in the traditional style: This method will rely on workers equipped with specialized cleaning equipment combined with water to clean the surface of the panels.



+ Advantages:

- Easy to use.

- Low maintenance cost.

- No control system required.

- Available in any difficult terrain.

- Suitable for small solar systems for households.

+ Disadvantages:

- It takes a lot of water, for example, to clean a solar panel will take up to 1.2 liters of water.

- The cleaning ability is not high due to limited human power.

- Takes a lot of time: it takes up to 21 seconds to clean 1 solar panel.

- Must use a lot of labor, cost a lot of people, not suitable for large-scale solar power plants with many MW.

- Difficult to clean in areas where workers cannot climb.

2. Solution for cleaning and maintaining solar panels by dedicated vehicle: A method of using a vehicle specifically designed for panel cleaning, the vehicle will move along the solar panels to clean series of panels.




- Use less labor.

- No need to design water lines.

- Suitable for large-scale solar power enterprises.


- Moving is very difficult because it requires space for the vehicle to operate.

- High cost, complicated to clean the battery.

- Not available for small solar system.

- Requires high-level battery cleaning personnel.

3. Solution to use Robot cleaning with water pressure: It is a method of using a robot with a nozzle that uses strong water pressure to clean dirt on the surface of the panels.



+ Advantages:

- No need to use brush.

- High cleaning capacity by water pressure.

+ Disadvantages:

- Hard to move.

- Not available for multiple projects.

- Very watery.

- Must use the main water supply booster pump.


There is also another method that is robotic solar panel cleaning, which sounds simple – but must be clean. When a solar power plant with an area of ​​several square kilometers is being cleaned, no chemicals are used and no damage is done to the natural environment. So how can we capture a challenge like this?




   With more than 20 years of experience in the QIS service industry, seeing the urgent problem, QIS management offers a solution to clean the surface of the solar panel glass with the new technology SOLAR CLEANING ROBOT allowing easy cleaning, quickly and save time, increase productivity and optimize performance.




+ Easy to use.

+ Easy to assemble, replace and repair.

+ Standard size design can choose 2m version or 4m version to fit the area.

+ Extremely durable robot construction.

+ Soft cleaning brush, not harmful to the battery.

+ Components are carefully processed, imported genuine.

+ Integrated remote control and monitoring technology (up to 20m distance), easy to manage.

Benefits of using SOLAR CLEANING ROBOT:

+ Save water 10 times, reduce labor 7 times.

+ Save time and effort, only 1 minute to completely clean 15m

+ Almost 100% cleaning efficiency.

+ Smooth operation in complex terrain.

+ Operators do not need to step on sensitive solar surfaces.

+ The robot does not scratch the sensitive glass surface.

+ Low investment cost.

“The goal is not to build a robot, but to come up with an optimal solution for power plants, as the machines continue to move incessantly along the panels, the cleaned panels will generate a lot of energy. about 20% more electricity.” Safe, stable, reliable and effectively solve difficult technical problems.




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